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Blacktown City Council (municipal engagement)

The project broad aim was to address the growing needs of an increasing population, including making diverse housing options available, and increasing the amount of public open space.

Our research project has intended to contribute to the growing knowledge base in the following areas:

  • Identification of suitable areas for medium density housing;
  • Highlighting the necessary governance processes required;
  • Establishing and developing data-driven approaches and digital planning tools that can inform and enhance existing planning processes;
  • Develop a design vision and assess its feasibility for implementation;
  • Seeking to develop and assist in the implementation and application of new planning processes, in order to streamline medium-density development; and
  • Finally, initiate a community engagement process that can enable the co-design process which complements the use of digital planning tools.

Project Details

  • Working with council to determine pilot precinct
  • Training staff in precinct identification software and precinct assessment software
  • Running whole of government workshops to assess precinct additinoality
  • Designing pilot precinct and determining financial feasibility of the plans