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Monash AHURI

Reservoir, Victoria

This proposal focuses on enhancing the interface between the existing neighbourhood and the large public reserve to the east of the study area. The string of redeveloped sites also serve to diversify and link existing parts of the community which are currently self-contained or monofunctional: the aged living facility to the north, the swathe of low density residential fabric to the west, and the sports club to the south. A diverse range of terrace, courtyard and apartment types are distributed along the edge of the park. Generous landscaped ‘street’ connections are provided between the rows of new housing, increasing access to existing pedestrian and bicycle networks in the public reserve. These are important structural enhancements that could also contribute to reduced car dependency, as the reserve connects to other public transport services and near-by education and employment areas. The prioritisation of pedestrian movement is further emphasised by localised clusters of vehicle parking, which over time can be adapted for other uses or increase the scale and type of open space provisions.

Project Details

  • Exploring the feasibility of using public housing as a catalyst for precinct regeneration.
  • Reviewing the context of suburbs to find its pros and cons for development
  • Designing around the good parts and bettering the bad parts to the benefit of the community
  • Testing these outcomes with the community